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News and Homework for the week of 12/10/2018


4th and 5th Homework

Read for 30 minutes. Please sign & date amount of pages read by student on index card provided with book. Spelling Homework is Spelling Bingo found on the page below. 

5th Grade Homework

Monday-Reader’s Notebook Pg. 213

Tuesday- Reader’s Notebook Pg. 212

Wednesday- Let’s Practice it! Pg. 154

Thursday- Let’s Practice it! Pg. 157


5th Grade Spelling Words
1. address
2. college
3. mirror
4. recess
5. committee
6. collect
7. Mississippi
8. immediate
9. command
10. appreciate
11. announce
12. possess
13. Tennessee
14. gallop
15. opponent
16. barricade
17. broccoli
18. accomplish
19. allowance
20. zucchini


Click here to view the Spelling Homework Menu the students will need to use to do their spelling homework

4th Grade Homework

Monday- Reader’s Notebook Pg. 206

Tuesday- Reader’s Notebook Pg. 200

Wednesday- Let’s Practice it! Pg. 145

Thursday- Let’s Practice it! Pg. 148


4th Grade Spelling Words 

  1. however
  2. mountain
  3. mound
  4. scout
  5. couch
  6. towel
  7. ounce
  8. coward
  9. outdoors
  10. flowerpot
  11. scowl
  12. browse
  13. announce
  14. hound
  15. trout
  16. drowsy
  17. grouch
  18. eyebrow
  19. boundary
  20. shout



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Field trip ideas are in the works! Please contact the front office if you wish to be a chaperone so they can advise you on the steps you need to join us on upcoming field trips.

Thank you for using Class Dojo so we can stay up to date on our child throughout the school year to ensure a healthy learning environment!

Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.) is the 5th grade motto. I’m looking forward to a fun filled learning school year with your help!