Week of 10/24-10/27

We will NOT be in school on Friday 10/28. We will have a skip week in reading for our assessments since the week is short.

Math: We will practice multiplying decimals in word problems Monday and Tuesday to prepare for our test on Wednesday. Thursday, we will do an activity for a classwork grade about multiplying decimals.

Reading: We will reading informational text about Gila Monsters. We will explore text features and other informational texts throughout the week. We will continue writing workshop by writing narratives.

Social Studies: We will move back into our textbook to learn about the age of exploration. We will have a quiz on Thursday.

Science: We will plan and get ready to build models before we take a Science test on the Solar System on Wednesday.

Week of 10/17-10/21

Math: We will continue multiplying decimals by multiplying decimals by other decimals. We will practice this all week to prepare for an assessment on Friday.

Reading: We will read “A Pet for Calvin” as our weekly story. We will still be working on characters, but begin working on different parts of plot and summarizing stories. We will have our weekly assessment Friday. No spelling this Wednesday, but students should be practicing their words.

Science: We will continue the solar system and learn about the outer planets. We will have a quiz on Friday. We will be introduced to a project that is to be completed at home.

Social Studies: This will be our last week studying Dominican Republic and finishing projects to show other classes throughout the school. The projects look great so far and will be used as a test grade.

Week of 9/26-9/30

Math: We will finish and be tested in multiplying by multi-digit whole numbers. We will work on word problems and standard algorithm to prepare for the test.

Language Arts: We will spend another week with informational text as we continue to practice text structure. We will be given Week 4 Spelling/Vocabulary words and have a weekly test in Reading on Friday.

Social Studies: We will begin to study and work on planning for Trip Around Latin America which will take place in October. We will study the Dominican Republic as a clas.s

Science: We will be tested on our unit about the properties of matter before beginning to work on the solar system for our next unit.

Week of 9/19-9/23

Math- We will start multiplication of multi-digit numbers. We will have a quiz on Friday about this skill and homework each night to prepare.

Language Arts- We will continue with informational text with a focus on text structure or how a text is written. We will focus our readings on both artists and the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Vocabulary/Spelling will be tested on 9/21, Wednesday. These words can always be found on Google Classroom.

Social Studies- We will prepare for our first chapter test about Ancient Americans. Students will complete a study guide and use their notebooks and books for the test on Thursday.

Science: We will learn about mixtures and solutions to wrap up our chapter on matter. We will be tested on this chapter on Friday 9/23.

Week of 9/12-9/16

Math: We will wrap up adding and subtracting decimals with a test assessment that was rescheduled due to our FAST test. Our next unit will be multiplication of multi-digit numbers.

Reading: We will continue to work with informational texts in reading this week. We will explore text structure and talk about how making predictions is a reading skill that helps you learn more about what you read. We will not have a spelling or vocabulary assessment until 9/21.

Science: We will continue learning about matter by exploring chemical and physical changes. We will have a quiz on both of these types of changes.

Social Studies: We will learn more about our tribes from last week and how they are adapting to the different land they are settling and living in.