Week of 9/26-9/30

Math: We will finish and be tested in multiplying by multi-digit whole numbers. We will work on word problems and standard algorithm to prepare for the test.

Language Arts: We will spend another week with informational text as we continue to practice text structure. We will be given Week 4 Spelling/Vocabulary words and have a weekly test in Reading on Friday.

Social Studies: We will begin to study and work on planning for Trip Around Latin America which will take place in October. We will study the Dominican Republic as a clas.s

Science: We will be tested on our unit about the properties of matter before beginning to work on the solar system for our next unit.

Week of 9/19-9/23

Math- We will start multiplication of multi-digit numbers. We will have a quiz on Friday about this skill and homework each night to prepare.

Language Arts- We will continue with informational text with a focus on text structure or how a text is written. We will focus our readings on both artists and the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Vocabulary/Spelling will be tested on 9/21, Wednesday. These words can always be found on Google Classroom.

Social Studies- We will prepare for our first chapter test about Ancient Americans. Students will complete a study guide and use their notebooks and books for the test on Thursday.

Science: We will learn about mixtures and solutions to wrap up our chapter on matter. We will be tested on this chapter on Friday 9/23.

Week of 9/12-9/16

Math: We will wrap up adding and subtracting decimals with a test assessment that was rescheduled due to our FAST test. Our next unit will be multiplication of multi-digit numbers.

Reading: We will continue to work with informational texts in reading this week. We will explore text structure and talk about how making predictions is a reading skill that helps you learn more about what you read. We will not have a spelling or vocabulary assessment until 9/21.

Science: We will continue learning about matter by exploring chemical and physical changes. We will have a quiz on both of these types of changes.

Social Studies: We will learn more about our tribes from last week and how they are adapting to the different land they are settling and living in.

Week of 9/6-9/9

Monday is Labor Day! Enjoy the 3 day weekend.

Math- We will spend this week adding and subtracting decimals with standard algorithm. We will use decimals to the thousandths and money to practice with word problems. We will have a test to close out this unit on Friday.

Reading- We will continue to work with informational texts. We will work on a weekly text called “Life on Earth — and Beyond” as well as work in our reading groups on teacher guided packets and independent packets.

Science- We will continue with matter and spend the week learning about chemical and physical changes of matter. We will have a Science quiz on Friday.

Social Studies- We will continue to follow some of the ancient Americans through their journey in adapting to new places. We will read our chapter and finish by Thursday for our open-book and notebook quiz.