Week of 9/6-9/9

Monday is Labor Day! Enjoy the 3 day weekend.

Math- We will spend this week adding and subtracting decimals with standard algorithm. We will use decimals to the thousandths and money to practice with word problems. We will have a test to close out this unit on Friday.

Reading- We will continue to work with informational texts. We will work on a weekly text called “Life on Earth — and Beyond” as well as work in our reading groups on teacher guided packets and independent packets.

Science- We will continue with matter and spend the week learning about chemical and physical changes of matter. We will have a Science quiz on Friday.

Social Studies- We will continue to follow some of the ancient Americans through their journey in adapting to new places. We will read our chapter and finish by Thursday for our open-book and notebook quiz.

Week of 8/29-9/2

Math: We will begin our unit on adding and subtracting decimals on Monday. We will practice this skill with both estimating, standard procedure, and money to prepare for our weekly quiz on Friday.

Reading: We will begin our first informational text on Monday. We will listen to the story and work with it for the rest of the week. We will have a new set of spelling/vocabulary words that will be quizzed NEXT Wednesday (9/7). Our focus is informational text reading.

Science: We will continue with our properties of matter lesson and prepare to start our lesson on physical changes of matter. We will have two weekly check-in quizzes to see how the students are handling the material. Our first quiz will be Tuesday and our next quiz will be Friday.

Social Studies: We will work through our first chapter about Ancient Americans by exploirng the first lesson about different civilizations. We will take our open-book quiz on Thursday.

Spelling/Vocabulary Words are always on google classroom!

Week of 8/22- 8/26

Science- We will finish our week on the rock cycle and different types of rocks with a quiz on Monday before previewing our next unit about matter. Throughout the week, we will work through our chapter about matter and have a quiz on Friday.

Social Studies- We will have a quiz on our lands and regions on Monday that will be open book. After our quiz, we will continue the rest of the week learning about the market economy.

Math- We will keep working with decimals to finish topic 1. On Monday, we will finish our iReady Math diagnostic. Tuesday- Thursday, we will work on comparing and rounding decimals. We will take our first math TEST on topic 1 on Friday. We will have homework each night as practice and IXL lesson recommendation’s will be on each student’s IXL page.

ELA- In Language Arts, we will read realistic fiction as our topic for the week. We will keep exploring point of view and keep practicing using text evidence. We will have our spelling test on Wednesday and a reading test on Friday.

Week of 8/15-8/19

This page is where all my updates about each upcoming week will be. You will see the topics that we learn and the schedule for tests or quizzes. If you have any questions, you can reach out on Class Dojo. All spelling words are on Google Classroom by spelling groups.

Science: We will review the rock cycle through readings and videos in the classroom. Packets will be sent home Friday to study for our quiz on the rock cycle on Monday.

Social Studies: We will review lands and regions through reading in our textbook. We will practice writing the main idea of each section we read. To help the students adjust to our routines, for the first week there will be no quiz. Future quizzes will be open book and notebook.

Math: We will learn place value and different ways to write both decimal numbers and whole numbers. We will learn about decomposing numbers and composing numbers. We will have homework EVERY night. On Friday, we will have a quiz to check in on our progress.

ELA: We will spend the week reading our first story as a class and doing reading work on our program, Savvas. We will focus on point of view of historical fiction and how point of view changes a story. We will also have a reading quiz on Friday.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

I am very excited to start a new year in the 5th grade classroom.

Monday: Please stop by our open house from 1:00-6:00 PM. This will be an opportunity to meet the teacher, get information about our classroom, see the classroom, and drop off materials.

Wednesday: This will be our first day of school! Please arrive on time and be ready to be welcomed into the 5th grade community.

The rest of the week we will be getting to know our classroom, expectations, learning websites, and classmates! Our website will be updated each week.