Week of April 26-April 30

We are in our last week of April! Let’s crush this week so we are ready for our FSA starting next week. We will not have homework this week so we can focus on preparing for the FSA.

*Last Monday of Tutoring! Until 4:30 PM!*

Today, we will start our day with a morning question and iReady. Next, we will talk about main idea and do some practice. If we have time, we will read “The Unteachables”. In Social Studies, we will explore the new nation in our textbook. We will have some iReady Math lesson time before practicing a new skill as the class. We will end the day with our Science worksheets to practice for FSA and a discussion about our testing schedule.

We will spend our reading workshop discussing test taking strategies as well as practicing some reading skills. We will continue to read about a new nation in Social Studies. In Math, we will begin to take an FSA practice Math test as a class while reviewing different skills that come up. We will end the day by practicing for Science with our FSA style worksheets.

We will get iReady Reading and Math time in both of our subjects. We will discuss reading comprehension strategies and begin our practice FSA test for reading. We will continue our practice FSA test for Math and review any skills we are shaky on.

*Last Thursday of Tutoring!* Until 4:30 PM.
In Reading Workshop, we will continue to take our FSA practice test and discuss any skills we feel shaky on. We will do some activities about the New Nation in Social Studies. We will review the skills we needed more practice on from the practice test in Math. We will end the day with our last round of Science FSA worksheets for the week.

We will spend reading workshop discussing any last skills we want to talk about for Reading FSA. We will explore more practice test questions. As a Friday reward, we will read our book, “The Unteachables”. We will have a discussion about the Bill of Rights and government in Social Studies. In Math, we will also talk test taking strategies and review the skills from the practice test that we struggled with. We will end the day by watching a generation genius on a Scientific topic!