Week of February 15- February 19.

Welcome back! I am excited for a short, but great week together!


Today in Reading, we will read a fiction story called “Lizzie Escapes”. We will spend some time answering questions and writing a summary on our story. We will also get some skill practice on iReady and IXL. In Social Studies, we will finish reading the Chapter about colonists rebelling and do some work on Savvas. In Math, we will also get some skill practice! We will start with iReady and then we will practice division independently using a practice buddy to help us. To end the day with Science, we will finish reading about unbalanced forces before doing activities on Savvas to end our day.

Homework: Finish practice buddy for Math.


Reminder- *Early Release at 1:30 PM!*

Today in Reading, we will talk about Black History Month and start to see more historic and heroic figures who helped shape history. We will spend some time reflecting on our persuasive writing and start to plan for our next writing piece. We will spend some time practicing skills on IXL. In Math, we will spend time getting stronger at division and learning how to divide a decimal by another decimal. We will stay focused so we can prepare for our Math test on Friday. In Health, we will talk about regulating our emotions.

Homework: Read 20 minutes and log it. Math Worksheet.


Reminder- *Tutoring until 4:30 PM!*

In Reading, we will get some time to practice our skills on iReady before we explore more about Black History Month. We will see how informational books and historical fiction books can help us learn in different ways. We will continue to talk about persuasive writing and practice what is called quick planning. In Social Studies, we will reflect on the actions colonists took to stand up to the British before starting our next chapter. We will continue to practice decimal division and play a review game to prepare for our big test on Friday. In Science, we will also start to review our Chapters for the text we will complete next week.

Homework: Read 20 minutes and log it. Math Additional Practice pg. 87.


Yay! We made it. We will talk in reading about text structure and text features before reviewing inferences and story elements. We will continue to compare and contrast learning from informational texts and from fiction stories. We will do another quick planning of persuasive writing. As a Friday reward, we will read some of our read aloud “A Bridge to Terabithia”. In Social Studies, we will continue to talk about events like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. We will then spend time taking our Math test on division of decimals. We will end the day with Science where we will see an experiment that uses force and motion to explain something neat.  No homework! Have a great weekend!