Happy February! Week of February 1- February 5.

Welcome to February! I cannot believe this year is going by us so quickly.

-Tutoring until 4:30 PM.
We will focus our weekly reading lessons on Black History Month and it’s importance this week. We will also work on finishing up our persuasive essays. Today, we will get some iReady time and review character traits and summaries of fiction stories. In Social Studies, we will preview our new unit on the American Revolution. In Math, we will practice estimating and dividing a decimal by a power of ten. We will end the day with Science where we will do some activities about force and motion.
Homework: Math Additional Practice pg. 81 & Read 20 minutes and log it.

Tuesday: We will get into our weekly reading which this week and start to plan for our Black History Month Research project. We will focus on introductions for our persuasive essays in writing. In Social Studies, we will begin to read our first Chapter on the American Revolution and discuss the causes. In Math, we will divide a whole number by a decimal number. In Science, we will start to learn about some of Newton’s laws.
Homework: Read 20 minutes & Math Additional Practice.

-Early Release @ 1:30 PM.
We will spend time in reading working on summaries and discussing theme. We will focus our writing time on revisions and edits and write our conclusions. In Math, we will continue to practice division with decimals. In Health, we will talk about our emotions and regulating them. We will practice on iReady in both Math and Reading.
Homework: Read 20 minute & Math Worksheet.

– Tutoring until 4:30 PM.
We will write summaries for our weekly story and then talk about character traits. We will get plenty of time to completely finish our essays before looking at a couple great examples. In Social Studies, we will continue to discuss the causes of the Revolutionary War. In Math, we will work in groups to practice division of decimals. In Science, we will do some activities on Savvas about Newton’s laws.
Homework: Practice for Math quiz on Friday.

We will continue to talk about Black History Month and get some time to spend working on our research projects. We will read our class read aloud, “A Bridge to Terabithia” and see Jess and Leslie finally start to create their secret land. We will make any last minute edits on our essays before turning them in to be graded and reflecting on our writing. In Social Studies, we will start to discuss the tensions with Britain that the colonists were experiencing. In Math, we will take a short quiz on decimal division. We will end the day doing some fun activities to discuss Newton’s laws.
Have a great weekend!