Week of January 11-January 15.

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

**Reminder Tutoring until 4:30 PM**
We will kick off the week strong! We will share about our weekends before gaining some iReady reading minutes. After, we will talk about The Underground Railroad and historical fiction. We will also get back into our shared, class essay. In Social Studies, we will continue to talk about slavery and how it became widespread in North America. In Math, we will also gain some iReady minutes before trying out a new division strategy. We will end the day with Science where we will take a practice quiz and preview the next chapter about electrical circuits.
Homework: Math Additional Practice pg. 69. & Read 20 minutes.

We will begin the day in reading workshop diving into reading our historical fiction text for the week, “Keep Mr. John Holton Alive.” We will make predictions and discuss the plot as we read. We will answer some reading questions. Next, we will start to see our class essay come together and transform our outline into writing. In Social Studies, we will finish our chapter about slavery and talk about the main takeaways we learned. We will continue to practice partial product division in Math. In Science, we will start to read about electrical circuits!
Homework: Math- Finish Practice Buddy & Read 20 minutes.

**Reminder early release at 1:30.**
We will continue to explore our weekly text, “Keep Mr. John Holton Alive.” We will look deeply at the characters and discuss their traits, motivations, and actions in the text. We will work at transforming our class essay in writing. We will gain some iReady reading lesson time. In Math, we will learn a new division strategy and keep practicing. We will also gain some iReady minutes. We will end the day talking about Health!
Homework: Math worksheet & Read 20 minutes.

**Reminder: Tutoring until 4:30.**
Thursday will be a busy day! In Reading workshop, we will look for text evidence and closely at the details in “Keep Mr. John Holton Alive.” We will talk about theme and try to determine themes for this story. We will start to revise and edit our class essay. In Social Studies, we will do activities from our Chapter about slavery to better understand this issue and time in History. In Math, we will review and practice division. If we are ready, we will learn our last strategy for dividing. In Science, we will read about electrical circuits and prepare for our experiment on Friday!
Homework: Math Additional Practice pg. 71. & Read 20 minutes.

**Social Studies Quiz and Reading Quiz**.
Friday, we will prepare to show what we know on a couple of quizzes. In Reading, we will take a reading quiz about theme and characters. You will see some of your weekly vocabulary words on the quiz. We will wrap up our class essay and get it ready to give to the 4th grade class to give them a great example of a persuasive essay. In Social Studies, we will take a short quiz about slavery. Students can use their textbooks during the quiz for refreshers. In Math, we will do an Esti-Mystery before doing a division practice game independently. We will end the day with Science where we will experiment with an electrical circuit.