Happy New Year! Welcome back 5th grade. Week of Jan. 5- Jan. 8.

I have missed our classroom and learning together so much. I hope that everyone had a happy holiday season and got to enjoy some well deserved time to relax.

Monday- Reminder! No school for students.

Welcome back and welcome to the second half of your 5th grade year. I am so happy to be back together. Today, we will meet our new student, Roberto and welcome him to our classroom. We will start to preview the type of reading we will be doing for the week. We will start to plan a small writing activity that we will work on throughout the week. In Social Studies, we will revisit life for the colonists. We will review what their life was like and how it was different in different areas. In Math, we will practice dividing by breaking up our numbers and using models. We will end the day with Science where we will keep working on energy, but focus on electrical energy and charges.

Reminder- Early Release @ 1:30!
Today, we will dive into our weekly realistic fiction story “Love & Art”. We will spend a good amount of our morning time both reading and discussing the story. We will revisit our writing and start to draft out our reasons and the explanations based on why we feel that way. In Math, we will continue to work with division. Today, we will learn how to use partial products to divide whole numbers. We will end the day with Health where we will talk about the importance of addressing our emotions.

Reminder- Tutoring today until 4:30 PM!
We will continue to discuss our weekly reading, “Love & Art”. We will talk about the plot, characters, and start to see if we can think of any themes the story shows. We will get some iReady time and start to use our outlines to write our persuasive writing piece. In Social Studies, we will start to talk about the hard topic of slavery in the life of the colonists. In Math, we will get some time practicing on iReady before continuing to practice division with partial products. In Science, we will continue to talk and experiment with electrical charges and electrical currents while we discuss electrical energy!

We made it through our first week back!
We will wrap up the persuasive writing we have been doing for the week and finish up talking about our weekly story “Love & Art”. We will get to start our new chapter read aloud and learn a little bit about the next story we are reading together. We will continue to learn about the history of slavery in the colonies in Social Studies. In Math, we will continue to practice our division skills of dividing with either partial products or using models. In Science, we will wrap up our chapter about Electrical energy and share the main takeaways we learned.
If we have a great week, we can end the day with Toot or Boot and have some fun!