December 14-18!

Welcome back from the weekend! It is our last week before we are off for Winter break. I know it is going to be a great week in 5th grade as a class!

Monday- **Reminder** Tutoring until 4:30 PM!
Spirit Day- Winter Sock Day!

We will spend time getting some iReady time and reading together as a class. We will explore different Winter holidays this week as well as talk about legends and dramas. In Social Studies, we will continue to talk about settlements and how daily life altered things for different people in different places. In Math, we will finish our diagnostic for iReady. In Science, we will finally start to explore electrical energy.
Homework- Read 20 minutes and log it.

Spirit Day- Crazy Winter Hat Day
In Reading, we will continue to learn about Winter holidays. We will get some practice on IXL with different skills for different people! We will also practice learning about suffixes like last week. We will start a draft letter to our cow’s farm so Ms. Zaremski can send them to the farm over Winter break. In Social Studies, we will star to learn about how slavery was affecting the colonies. In Math, we will finally get to continue division! We will practice seeing our divisions using models. In Science, we will keep going with exploring our chapter about electrical energy!
Homework- Read 20 minutes and log it. Math Additional Practice pg. 67 #1-8.

Wednesday- **Reminder** Early release at 1:30 PM!
Spirit Day- Frozen Winter Wonderleand day
Today, we will get some time on iReady for our lessons in both Math and Reading. We will also continue to explore different Winter holidays and work with suffixes to learn even more endings of words. We will vote on our new read aloud book for when we return from break! In Math, we will learn a new strategy for multiplying decimals. In Health, we will talk about how emotions can be overwhelming and what we can do to cope with those feelings.
Homework- Read 20 minutes and log it. Math Additional Practice pg. 69 #1-13.

Thursday- **Reminder** Tutoring is cancelled!
Spirit Day- Ugly Sweater Day!
Today, we will continue to learn about Winter holidays by doing some reading activities. We will keep writing our letters to the cow’s farm and hopefully finish them and be ready to edit on Friday. We will continue to talk about settlements and slavery in Social Studies as we read and do activities in our textbook. In Math, we will practice our division skills. In Science, we will share what we learned about electrical energy and begin to explore electrical circuits.
Homework- Read 20 minutes and log it.

Friday! Last day before break!
Spirit Day- Candy Cane Day!
Happy Friday! We will finish up everything we need to do before enjoying our break! We will get to watch the film of “Wonder”, a book we have worked so hard to read through. We will do a few Social Studies activities to wrap up our discussion about settlements. We will have some fun reviewing Math with a Math game. We will end the day talking about Energy before we share what we are going to be up to for the break!