December 7-11!

Welcome back! I want to applaud our 5th grade class for overcoming last week’s challenge and working hard to adapt and keep learning all week. Bravo!

Monday- **Reminder Tutoring until 4:30!** & Holiday Shop!

We will kick off the week talking about our weekends before we start reading workshop. We will preview our genre for the week which will be legend and drama. We will explore and infographic and Venn Diagram to talk about this week’s reading. We will also get some time on iReady! In Social Studies, we will keep reading and talking about life in the colonies. In Math, we will get to start our division unit, are you ready?! We will continue exploring different types of energy in Science!

Homework: Read 15 minutes and log it. Math Additional Practice pg. 63 #1-16.


We will continue our reading workshop by getting our new vocabulary words before diving into reading our weekly stories. We will be reading 2 different stories, one legend and one drama. We will share our predications and thoughts as we read together as a class. We will start exploring the daily life for our settlers and see how they live in Social Studies. In Math, we will get deeper into learning division and practice estimating. In Science, we will continue to see and explore energy.

Homework: Read 15 minutes and log it. Math Additional Practice pg. 65 #1-15.

Wednesday- **Reminder Early Release at 1:30 PM**

In Reading Workshop today, we will answer questions about our story. We will discuss how each different genre had different elements and discuss where they were in our texts. We will also get in some iReady minutes completing our lessons. In Math, we will continue to practice division. We will also get some iReady minutes in Math after we practice learning our new division skill. For Health, we will read “Wonder” and reflect on all of the different struggles August has persevered through.

Homework: Read 15 minutes and log it. Math Additional Practice pg. 67 #1-8.

Thursday- **Reminder! Tutoring until 4:30 PM!**

In Reading Workshop, we will continue to analyze and think differently about our 2 different stories for the week. We will talk about what to expect from Friday’s reading quiz. In Social Studies, we will continue to read about daily life in the colonies and see the differences between different settlers. We will also talk about what issues are arising. In Math, we will learn a new strategy to divide whole numbers. In Science, we will learn a strategy for remembering all the different types of energy and start to look more at electrical energy.

Friday- **Reading quiz!**

Today, we will take a reading quiz that is all about showing off our summary planning and writing skills. We will get some time to read “Wonder” as our Friday treat and we may even finish the book! We will do a writing activity about daily life for settlers and use our imagination to think about ourselves in this time. In Math, we will continue to learn strategies that will help us with our division. We will end the day wrapping up our chapter about electrical energy and doing some activities on Savvas.

No homework! Have a great weekend. 🙂