October 26- October 29.

Welcome! We have a short week this week with no school on Friday! It’s Spirit Week so let’s have some fun!

Monday- Paw Print Day! **Reminder, tutoring until 4:30 PM.

Today we will explore what realistic fiction is and hear a short passage from a realistic fiction text. We will listen to the poem and think about the theme. We will also continue to work on personal narratives which we will finish this week. In Social Studies, we will explore English Settlements and compare them to Spanish settlements. We will continue to practice multiplication and do some math test corrections. In Science, we will talk about severe weather.

Homework: Math Additional Practice Book and Read 15 minutes and log it.

Tuesday- Pink Day!

Today we will get into our weekly reading of “Hatchet”. We will spend the morning reading our text and diving right into answering our questions. We will conference with the teacher about our writing so we can prepare for revisions. In Social Studies, we will finish exploring English settlements and describe the tensions between settlers and natives. In Math, we will work on multiplication with word problems. In Science, we will begin a book on Epic about 12 Severe weather incidents.

Homework: Math Additional Practice Book and Read 15 minutes and log it.

Wednesday– Heritage Day! **Reminder, Early Release at 1:30**

In Language Arts today, we will dive back into “Hatchet” and discuss how Brian was feeling and the point of view of the story using graphic organizers. We will finish up writing conferences and continue to make edits of our personal narrative, making sure they are almost ready to publish! In Math, we will practice multiplication of multi-digit numbers and word problems for our last multiplication quiz on Thursday.

Homework: Math Additional Practice Book and Read 15 minutes and log it.

Thursday! Class Color Day! We are ORANGE! **Reminder, tutoring until 4:30 PM!**

This will be our last day of the week! We will do some more work with “Hatchet” and discuss how we enjoyed realistic fiction and what characteristics we noticed. We will peer edit our personal narratives before publishing our first 5th grade essay! In Social Studies, we will do a short activity about both English and Spanish settlements in the early Americas. We will take our quick multiplication quiz in math and end the day with Science! In Science, we will finish reading about severe weather examples!

No homework! Have a great weekend.