Week of October 19-23.

Monday! **Reminder- Tutoring until 4:30

Happy Monday! I am excited to start the week with our 5th Grade class. We will be working on a lot of different topics this week! We will take our Growth Monitoring on iReady. In Language Arts, we will finish drafting our body paragraphs for our personal narrative. We will listen to an informational text and talk more about informational text characteristics. In Social Studies, we will listen to our classmates continue presenting about Hispanic Americans. In Math, we will work on multiplication, but this time do 3 digit by 2 digit problems. In Science, we will learn about how location and land effects weather and climate.

Homework: Math Additional Practice & Read 15 minutes and log it.

Tuesday! We will start to read our weekly text “A Place for Frogs” and learn about frog’s habitats. We will write the closings for our personal narrative essays. We will also work on learning our new vocabulary words. In Social Studies, we will wrap up presentations before moving into our new chapter about settlements in North America. In math, we will learn the standard algorithm for multiplication and practice our skills. In Science, we will end the day by talking about different climate. We will understand the difference between climate and weather.

Homework: Math Additional Practice & Read 15 minutes and log it.

Wednesday- **Reminder! Early Release @ 1:30!

We will continue to work hard on both our essays and our weekly text in Language Arts. We will revisit learning about text structure and think about the text structure of “A Place for Frogs”. We will fill out a graphic organizer using text evidence from the text. In Math, we will review everything we have learned about multiplication. We will end the day with Health where we will talk about social emotional learning.

Homework: Math Additional Practice & Read 15 minutes and log it.

Thursday! **Reminder tutoring until 4:30 PM today!

We will continue to explore our text in reading, but this time we will monitor our own understanding about what we are reading. We will respond to our text by annotating it and rereading. We will share out our ideas with our class. We will revisit figurative languages by reviewing metaphors and similes and also learning personification. We will use what we learned to go back into our writing and see if we can add figurative language. In Social Studies, we will start exploring our new chapter and learn about Spanish colonies in the Americas. In Math, we will take a math test! We will end the day with Science where we will talk about natural disasters.

Homework: Read 15 minutes!

Friday! Yay!
**Reading test and Science Test.

Happy Friday! We will get some time reading Wonder as a Friday treat. We will think about the negative and positive effects on frogs that we learned about through our weekly reading. We will also start to revise our writing to add transitional phrasing to be more organized. We will look at more colonies in Social Studies, but this time the English Colonies that were settled in Virginia. In Math, we will get more practice with multiplication and take a quiz. We will end the day with our Science test before sharing a little about our weekends.

No homework! Happy weekend!