Week of October 13-October 16.

Welcome back from the long weekend! It is so exciting that we are already in Quarter 2 of the school year. 5th grade is flying right by!

Monday- ENJOY YOUR EXTRA DAY OFF. I will see you all Tuesday when you return!

Tuesday- We will be starting our week off! In Reading, we will be exploring yet another informational text. We will be moving into our new unit which will be all about observations. In writing, we will be drafting the introductions for our personal narrative. In Social Studies, we will continue with our projects about Hispanic Heritage month. In Math, we will start a new unit as well! This unit will be focused on multiplication! Today, we will focus on multiplying by the number 10. In Science, we will start to wonder about the next topic we will be learning about, Weather and Climate. We will start to explore this topic today as well!

Homework: Read 15 minutes and log it & Math Worksheet.

Wednesday- **Reminder** Early Release!

This Wednesday, we will be busy with reading, math, and writing! In Reading, we will explore our weekly text “Far From Shore” and do some classwork about our reading. We will continue to draft our personal narratives, but this time thinking about our body paragraphs. We will work on fixing the comments Ms. Zaremski left on our work to improve! In Math, we will get some iReady time before talking about multiplication. We will practice working with 1 digit numbers. In Health, we will talk about our feelings and how the connect to our learning.

Homework: Read 15 minutes and log it & Math Worksheet.

Thursday- **Reminder** Tutoring until 4:30 PM!

Thursday, we will be busy learning! We will start to practice using our new vocabulary words and see how they are used in our informational text. We will continue to draft more body paragraphs, but think about adding details to our work. We will also get some iReady time in the morning. In Social Studies, we will start to organize and plan our presentation on the Hispanic person we have been researching. In Math, we will start to multiply with even bigger numbers using different strategies. In Science, we will start to think about the weather and how there are different types of precipitation. We will explore these different types to learn more!

Homework: Read 15 minutes and log it & Math Worksheet.

Friday! I have a feeling this week will go quick.

This Friday, we will continue exploring our topics. We will of course get our Friday time of reading Wonder as a class to continue seeing how August is coping with starting 5th grade in a real school for the first time. We will think about author’s purpose and discuss how author’s of informational text write their works. We will be busy writers finishing up the last of our body paragraphs for our personal narrative. In Social Studies, we will present about the person we learned and researched about. In Math, we will be working with even bigger numbers, getting better and better at multiplication! We will also practice on iReady. We will end the week with a Science lesson about different weather patterns and different places!