Week of September 21-25

Another week of school is ahead of us and I can’t wait! We have quite the week to look forward to.

Monday- In reading workshop, we will continue to explore how journeys change people. This week, we will read historical fiction so today we will learn what it means for a text to be historical fiction. We will review story elements like setting and character. In Social Studies, we will continue talking about the exploration age. We will learn the importance of The Columbian Exchange. In Math, we will practice rounding decimals again. We will also get some iReady lesson time. To end the day, we will focus on learning about the outer planets in our solar system. We will also learn about the project we will be doing this week.

MONDAY: Rounding Decimals Homework & Read 15 minutes

*Reminder- Tutoring until 4:30 on Mondays!

Tuesday- In reading workshop, we will begin to read our weekly story “Pedro’s Journal”. We will read through his journal and continue talking about characteristics of historical fiction. In Social Studies, we will finish talking about The Columbian Exchange and review the key facts from our lesson. In math, we will review for our math test coming up on Wednesday. In Science, we will finish up talking about the outer planets and their characteristics.

TUESDAY: Study for Math test & Read 15 minutes.

Wednesday- Reminder** Early release today! In reading workshop, we will continue to explore our weekly reading through a class discussion about the characters and by answering reading comprehension questions. In math, we will take our Unit 1 test and get some iReady Math lesson time. This week in health, we will talk about the benefits of supporting others.

WEDNESDAY: Finish Reading Workshop Questions.

Thursday- In reading workshop, we will make inferences using our own knowledge and everything we have discovered this week from the text. In Social Studies, we will start to review the Age of Exploration to prepare for our test on Friday. We will begin our new unit in math by refreshing our strategies for addition and subtraction to prepare to start adding and subtracting decimals. Science, we will spend time reviewing for the test about the solar system we will be taking on Friday.

*Reminder- Tutoring until 4:30 on Thursdays!

THURSDAY: Study for Social Studies & Science Test. Science project due tomorrow!

Friday- We will end the week by having a test day to tie up some of the topics we have been working on. We will have a reading workshop quiz and open ended question to answer to show what we learned from this week’s text. In Social Studies, we will take our test on the Age of Exploration. In Math, we will begin to estimate the sums and differences of decimals. We will end the week by taking our Science Test and starting to share our Science Project.