Week of September 14-18

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am looking forward to a full week of learning together!

Monday- Today we will keep talking about informational text. We will listen to a read aloud and explore different text features. We will preview our new Social Studies chapter about exploration. In math, we will continue to learn about decimals. We will end the day by playing a Matter Jeopardy!

*Reminder, tutoring starts today!

HOMEWORK: Read 15 minutes and log it, Study for science!

Tuesday- We will start our weekly reading and practice using our vocabulary words and answering reading questions. We will begin to look at the first lesson in our new Social Studies unit. We will start comparing decimals and will end the day with our Science Test!

Tuesday Homework: TUESDAY: Math Homework (Savvas), Read 15 minutes and log it, 10 spelling sentences.

Wednesday- We will continue to explore our weekly reading by analyzing text features and continue to talk about the six traits of writing in ELA. In Math, we will begin to round with decimals. In health, we will talk about the benefits of positive self-talk and positive affirmations.

Wednesday Homework: WEDNESDAY: Math Homework (Savvas), Read 15 minutes and log it.

Thursday- We will close read our weekly informational text again to start making inferences using our background knowledge and clues from the text. In Math, we will continue working with decimals by rounding. In Social Studies, we will start to talk about Spain Explorers. In Science, we will start to preview our next unit about space.

Thursday Homework: THURSDAY: Math Homework (Savvas), Read 15 minutes and log it. Study for math quiz tomorrow!

Friday- We will wrap up learning about our informational texts by discussing some of the takeaways we learned and making inferences. We will practice writing conventions like capitalization and punctuation! In Social Studies, we will start to talk about The Colombian Exchange. We will take a math quiz. In Science, we will start to look at parts of a galaxy.

Friday Homework: ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

I can’t wait for another awesome week in 5th grade! See you there.