Week of August 24-28

Hi, everyone! We are finally getting into the swing of being back in school. This week, we will start exploring our textbooks and get ready to begin learning this year.

Monday, we will be creating our class rules and thinking about having the right mindset to succeed in fifth grade. We will also practice our multiplication facts and begin a goal setting project.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we will start and finish taking our baseline assessments. This will help us see what lessons we should start the year with. We will continue our project and present them this week!

Thursday, we will read a short story and talk about plot and characters. We will continue to work with multiplication and start a Social Studies unit about civic responsibilities. In science, we will start a unit on matter!

Friday, we will continue our story and continue exploring matter and civic responsibility. We will use rounding in our multiplication review and recap for the week before the weekend!

Let’s get started! Come learn with us!